What Is Search Engine Optimization?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a technique which is used to drive the natural and organic traffic to your website through legal means. However, there are paid search engine optimizations are also available. The organic way of search engine comprises of link building, unique but rich keyword content creation, website architecture in accordance to comply with the search engine rules and make sure that the search engine is accepting each and every page you have submitted in a positive manner without sandboxing it. The websites are optimized for search engines through both means which include online and offline search engine optimization techniques. The link building technique for search engine optimization is a tricky thing but most of the individuals perceive it as a piece of cake and try it in their own way thus wasting time and money at the same time. This further leads towards the negative search engine optimization and result the penalties from search engines. It is obvious that you need proper search engine optimization model for your website in your budget range. You would never like to let your business website down. Before applying any search engine optimization method, it is mandatory to go through the rules and regulations as it helps to understand the search engine algorithm. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimized Contents

One of the most important things that help the search engines to rank your website is by the means of unique contents which are specifically optimized for search engines according to their requirement. It is obvious that plagiarism and content duplication not apprehended well by the search engines and they take down such websites down and put them into the spam category. It means that if you are putting duplicate or spun contents which make no sense, it obvious that you are going to get your website categorized as spam by the search engines. You can rank your website by using different keywords in your contents. The content should be unique and should make sense instead of making them spun through different software. You should select keywords wise after carrying out the detailed analysis of competition and number searches which are being done through those keywords. Furthermore, the number of keywords in your content is called the keyword density and it should be according to the search engine requirements. Excessive use of keywords may make your contents look like spam to gain the attention of search engine robots to crawl through keywords. A search engine also checks for the duplication of contents, so if the search engine finds any duplication in your contents, it may penalize you in different ways or you might be provided with the detailed report regarding the ambiguities which are found in your contents so that you may rectify them. For this purpose, you can also do this through different online tools which offer paid services to check your content uniqueness and keyword density. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

.Website Architecture

Website architecture also plays another important role for search engine optimization for your business website. You should never let your pages be duplicated for several reasons. The website architecture should comply with the policies, rules and regulations in accordance with the search engine requirements. A search engine always asks for the sitemap which contains the complete architecture of the website. Through this, when a link is submitted to search engine or it finds back links to your website, the robots from search engine craws through your sitemap xml file and discover all of the pages which contain the valuable information. In addition to this, previous of content from such pages, when crawled by the search engine, are shown as a preview. So, if you have duplicate pages with redundant contents, it will confuse the search engine and it might show the things which you don’t actually want to be shown. So, it is the important thing to craft the sitemap in accordance with the search engine requirements and after that doesn’t forget to place the robots.txt file which aids the crawlers to go through each and every website page you want. Furthermore, through sitemap and robot file, you can instruct the search engine crawlers not to crawl through the pages which you don’t want to be exposed to search engine. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

.HTML Code Validation

If you have not got your website created through can content management system, it might be created using the HTML language with the amalgamation of other languages. For search engine optimization of your website, it is mandatory that you should strictly follow the HTML validation process such as there are several tags and slashes which are found missing and search engine considers it as incomplete programming or a website which is under construction and requires efforts to be constructed fully. So, there are plenty of tools which help you to find out the flaws which are concerned with the HTML validation so that you may fix them in the mean time so as to keep your website optimized for searches. In addition to this, it is not limited to HTML, but also with other languages which are also called client-side scripting. You also strongly need to focus on the java scripting as well and keep the code clean and readable. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

.Identity, Authority, Trust and Search Engine Rankings

Creation of contents and integration of required number of keywords is not enough as for link building; guest blog posting can also be used as a wonderful method to get your website ranked on the search engine. Guest blogging is cumbersome task but generates wonderful results as the traffic which is driven to your website is pure organic and targeted. Here the targeted traffic means the audience who is actually interested in products and services which are offered by your website. So, before posting your contents on guest blogs, it is mandatory to keep the track of identity and authority of such blogs. It is also checked that how search engine perceived the specific blog and sees it as trusted or non-trusted. However, the most important thing is the rank of that blog. If the rank of blog is good, it means that the blog is old and it has good reputation in search engines and the traffic to that specific blog will show the exposure of contents posts on that guest blog. Companies also buy the domains which are expired but they pose good identity in search engines hence they purchase it and use it for guest blog postings. Always stay away from the blogs for guest posting which are new or are being used for posting spam contents as it will not give any positive benefit to search engine optimization of your website. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

.Role of Social Media in Ranking

The role of social media in this current era cannot be denied as most of the individuals spend most of their time on social media to find entertaining and interesting content. It can prove an intelligent approach to reach the audience by making a group and a page which is totally related to your business on facebook. While making an account on twitter will allow you to post the latest updates which are related to your website. On social media, interesting contents which are totally relevant to your niche can be crafted and it can catch the attention of many users online thus shifting the flow of traffic from facebook to your website. It has become mandatory to perform the branding process on social media as it helps you to get the loyal prospect customers who are actually interested in your products and services. You can use images, videos and presentations with the interesting information and share it on your page or in groups and invite other to join your company page and group to get more informational posts and news regarding your changing products and services. However, posting irrelevant information can seriously damage the reputation of your website and brand online. What Is Search Engine Optimization?

.Violations and Penalties

Before adopting any of the models for search engine optimization, it is mandatory to determine and find the requirements of search engines for website optimization. It is imperative to understand that how the search engine algorithm works and understands your website through the link which link back to your website when it crawls on websites have good reputation. So, if you chose the right model but wrong application of that model, it will lead to vain and will waste of all of your time and money thus resulting penalties and violations. For instance, when you create website, you have to place the contents either visual or textual which should be copyrighted in your favor and let the search engine discover the authenticity to establish your reputation amongst other websites on their search engine. Furthermore, there are a lot of black hat techniques which are discovered by the hackers by finding the glitches in search engine algorithms and thus they follow them and boost your website to first page rank. It is obvious that this approach works, but what will you do when the search engine optimization discovers the loophole and then you website is sandboxed. So, it is strongly advised not to go for the blackhat techniques as it not only involves the paid software application but also use of glitches which can rank your website without spending extra money, time and efforts. It is obviously very enchanting, it would not work in long run and your website will be turned down by the search engines and you might not be able to recover it and lose your online business identity. In shorts, search engine optimization is a complex but slow process which generates the authentic results but takes time.  What Is Search Engine Optimization?








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